Price List

Liivrand & Partnerid Law Office handling fees:

Legal consultation (legal advice) 80 €/hour
Preparing contracts and claims 80 €/hour
Initiating expedited processing for payment orders 80 €/hour
Preparing statements of claims, including representation in court of first instance 80 €/hour
Preparing responses for court 80 €/hour
Preparing compromose contracts 80 €/hour
Negotiations with the opposing party Up to 96 €/hour
Interpreting contracts 80 €/hour
Preparing applications, letters of explanation, claims 80 €/hour
Preparing petitions for the Labour Dispute Committee 80 €/hour
Debt collection services 10% of the sum in question
Expedited services over 48 hours base price + 50%
Expedited services over 24 hours base price x 2

The final price and exact details of payments for legal assistance will be established by agreement of parties.